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1 stroke engine - the real fuel cell

Realistic technology using real fuel

1stroke : the heart of the next gen of EV’s

The electric vehicle is currently assumed to have four build scenarios:

a) EV plus small  batteries and conventional ICE recharge engine.

b) EV plus small batteries and “esoteric” ICE recharge engine.

c) EV plus large bank of batteries.

d) EV plus hydrogen fuel cell.


a) Battery size small and range infinite, but only average efficiency.

b) Battery size small and range infinite, with high efficiency - oft proposed by inventors of ”esoteric” engines.

c) Drags a heavy, bulky and expensive battery bank, with limited maximum range, although in some ways the simplest solution.

d) The reasonable-cost-hydrogen-fuel-cell is a thirty year unrequited promise, whilst the fuel must be artificially manufactured.

This solution classifies as (b) an ”esoteric engine” and was developed in 2001, patented 2002-3 and presented at Engine Expo 2005.

Presentation included the ”MuleCell” concept where manufacturers were encouraged to move away from linking Evs to fuelcells.

Unfortunately that was a time when EV rechargers were not taken very seriously by most people in the transport industry.

Without visionary people in positions of funding, then the chances of funding are slim, despite exhaustive attempts.

What is the one stroke engine?

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1stroke low shock direct drivelines

Any low shock drivelines, for example - diesel electric trains, ships, aircraft propulsion, pump drives, generators - would make ideal applications for the 1 stroke engine.

A funding application is currently underway to apply the one stroke as a direct driving ”superfroude” propulsion unit on the dreamsoarer family of aircraft, starting with the AtlanticRanger.